Boogiebabys Weddings & Cake Toppers

Personalised wedding cake toppers, created to look like you on your wedding day. We create handmade bespoke cake toppers for all occasions.

Welcome to Boogiebabys.

 Here at Boogiebabys, we create custom, personalised and bespke wedding, birthday, annivesary cake toppers, with a variety of styles for all types of weddings, sych as rustic, vintage, woodland, autumn, summer, boho, super hero, travel, the list will never stop.
Our clay toppers are made from polymer, which is non toxic and will not fade, dry out or crack over time and therefore make it a fantastic memento of your wedding day.
We work from your photos and answers from our questionnaire to create the best versions of you. 
Our paints are non toxic acrylic and will not fade over time. 
We work with you, sending through update photos of your creation, to ensure you are happy throughout the entire process.
Choose from our;
  • Wooden kokeshi peg doll toppers, which are all painted, except for the bride, should she have a bun. 
  • Wood and clay peg doll toppers, which are hand painted and feature clay on the hair styles, brides bouquet and button hole flower.
  • Mini wooden toppers, which are created with a small body and tiny head, these are hand painted, except for the bride, should she have a bun, clay would be used.
  • Novelty clay toppers, with gorgeous over sized heads and large eyes.
  • All of the above come with a free 8cm wide personalised base and cake bunting.  
  • Incorporate your hobbies or wedding theme with small accessories, free of charge. 


How to order

Once you have decided on your topper, please feel free to email us, our wedding figures usually take approx 10 - 14 days to create. Delivery is royal mail, next day special delivery before 1pm and will require a signature.

Once we have confirmed our availability, we would ask you to go to our Shop  where you will find your topper, please order through here and you will be required to answer our questionnaire, before asking for a paypal payment, which is very secure. 

About us

My name is Kerry and I create the designs of the toppers, we can also create any designs that you may not have seen before but have something in mind and we can create it together thus having aunique wedding cake topper for your wedding day.
We create handmade bespoke one of a kind gifts for every occasion and the difference with Boogiebabys is that we have lots of different designs as we have been required to do and we are constantly creating new designs for our customers, we are very flexible and if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us
We are based in Medway Kent UK.


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