Cute Novelty Clay Wedding Toppers Cute Novelty Clay Wedding Toppers Personalised Novelty Wedding Cake Toppers Bride and groom with dark hair and eyes, personalised to your requirements. 199531053 Starbucks Coffee Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Toppers This bride and groom met over coffee at Starbucks and they wanted to re create this into their big day. 199531058 Coffee Drinking Bride and Groom Toppers Personalised to your hair and eyes, plus your attire on your big day, this couple wanted to incorporate how they met and fell in love, so we added some coffee beans to their topper base. 199531056 Dumbell bride and groom topper This certainly was a job and a half to create, but as with all Boogiebabys Wedding Cake Toppers, we do not charge extra for additional themes or hobbies. This bride wanted to incorporate her fiancÚ's love for weight lifting and therefore wanted to add some dumbells, whilst stitting on his shoulder, while she is walking the dog, oh my goodness, the arm of the groom had to be reinforced with wire to ensure it would hold the bride, but was weighted evenly with the left arm raised lifting a dumbbell, phew, makes me sweat just looking at it :). 155533307 Cat hanging from the cake topper These novelty toppers are created with a cat which will be hanging off of one of the cake tiers. 204610924 Scottish novelty bride and groom with kilt and dog Handmade with Fimo polymer clay, this groom was getting married in a kilt and wanted to have their dog with them on their wedding day. 199530731 Starbucks Costa Coffee Wedding Toppers We work from your photos and your questionnaire, which you will find in the navigation bar at the top. 199531052 Woodland wedding arch topper I loved creating the arch for this woodland inspired wedding. We used silk leaves, handmade mulberry paper roses and deer moss to garnish this beautiful topper. 204610917 Weightlifting kissing topper Again I really enjoyed this one, the weightlifting theme is very popular. 204610925 Military groom and artist bride topper Our military forces toppers have a special discount, which is free of charge delivery, if ordered through the discount military website. 204610927 Scottish inter racial wedding toppers This beautiful bride and groom wanted to incorporate their beach wedding into the theme, so we created a sandy beach base. 204610920 Armed forces and health service wedding This couple were extremely proud of their profession and wanted to show off their fantastic uniforms on their wedding day, so they incorporated it onto the cake and also have a fantastic keepsake. 182864125 Groom with Rose Wedding Cake Toppers This bride wanted to add a touch of their first date where the groom gave her a red rose. 182864649 Custom Bride and Groom Cake Toppers 199531057 191751485 Bride and Groom Wedding Tops with Glasses Personalised groom with silver suit and glasses, while the bride wears a white beautiful ruffled dress. 190038414 Personalised Wedding Base This is a close up of the clay plaque which is baked around the wooden base. A stamp is used for the wording and can be painted to see your colour on the indentation of the letters, this can be personalised to your colours, for an example please see our wooden peg cake toppers in the gallery. 199531054 204610918 204610919 Fireman Fire Fighter Wedding Cake Toppers This bride and groom wanted to add the groom's profession, while the bride looks stunning in her white fishtail wedding dress, accompanied by their pet doggie. 191751486 Sailor Navy Naval Wedding Cake Toppers The groom is wearing his naval uniform and a small replica of his scooter. 191751487 Soilder and Nurse Wedding Cake Toppers This Bride and Groom wanted to incorporate their professions into their wedding and what better way than to have a pair of mini me's on their wedding cake, a great novelty talking poing and a fantastic pair of cute little replicas that are a fantastic keepsake of your special day. 189791478 Salt and Pepper Pot Hair Groom Cake Topper This classic Bride and Groom with salt and pepper hair. 190038413 190038410 Armed Forces Groom with Blue Rose Cake Toppers This groom is passing a blue rose to his bride. 190038411 Novelty Bride and Groom with Pink Accent Cake Toppers 157490906 Wedding Cake Toppers with Bridesmaid 173345570 204610926