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Wedding Emergency Kit Toiletry Box for Wedding Guests

Posted by boogiebabys on October 13, 2016 at 5:55 AM

In the super fast changing trends of the wedding business, first we hear about the bridesmaid boxes, which are fantastic boxes to give your bridesmaids as a way of thank you, (please see our previous post.......)

Now we have the "Emergency Toiletry box for Wedding Guests". Now some of you may just think, wow another expense for the bride and groom to lay out or some of you may think this is a cracking idea and would love to have this set up for your guests, probably and mostly the day guests, this is a fantastic little way of ensuring your guests are totally happy. A little place to freshen up before the evening party.

We have compiled a few photos for you to get an idea on what the heck everyone is talking about, this emergency toiletry box/Emergecny wedding kit well I hope you enjoy and I hope this gives you a little help in ideas for your big day.


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