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Bridesmaid Boxes Trending 2016 Weddings - What to put in them?

Posted by boogiebabys on February 6, 2016 at 3:30 PM


Bridesmaid boxes are a new trend in wedding gifts. These are large boxes, decorated and stuffed jam packed full of ladies luscious delicious treats. 

A heavenly gift or a hindrance? I say this because while I like to haunt the forums of brides to be on Facebook and other social media sites, I see lots of new trends, lots of conversations of what are the best wedding items to DIY and what are not. While on my social media travels I came across a rather bewildered bride "WTF are Bridesmaid boxes? Omg another expense I gotta pay out for" to which her comment was responded to by another daunted bride "I would like someone to buy me a big box full of expensive treats" and was quickly followed up by one of the brides who was creating Bridesmaid boxes "Well I was only going to fill them up with cheap stuff, lol".

I would like to introduce you to a couple of Bridesmaid boxes that I have pinned on our pinterest board on Pinterest. I think these are a definite DIY project and below is a list of items that would be great and inexpensive for your Bridesmaid box.

As you can see from these boxes, you already have a great selection of ideas to put in your box and they are not at all expensive.

Heres our Top 10 list of Bridesmaid Box Items;

 1. Small bottle of rose wine.

 2. A glitter wine glass.

 3. A matching glitter tea light holder and scented tea light.

 4. Rules for the bridesmaid.

 5. A "Will you be my bridesmaid card" / free printout (see lots of our pinterest board)

 6. A foam rose or silk flower.

 7. Nail varnish (the colour you want them to wear on the big day)

 8. A memory letter - create a letter with headings like; When I met you? What I thought of you? Our funniest memory? This will create a real personal touch.

 9. Sugar free chewing gum.

10. Head ache / hangover tablets. (Obviously only the over age ones :))

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