DIY Wedding DIY Wedding Hand Covered Personalised Chocolate Bars I purchased a few bars of chocolate, the ones with the silver foil covered with a paper sleeve and I simply created my own logo and wording and glued it onto some measured brown kraft paper, it worked out at approx. 35p per bar. 172938022 Painted Tin Can Holders These are so easy to create, look really lovely, you can design them how you want them and can be used to hold pens, paint brushes, great for desk tidys and you cant have too many of these beautiful holders, unusual and unique. You can also punch holes in the tins and use them with night lights, they are great for keeping the wind from the flame and look beautiful in the garden at night, use a citronella candle to keep away the mozzies. 158045641 Glass Jar Table Centre Pieces with Table Number These are simply chalk painted jars, with your flowers and a heart on a stick table number. 160009893